An UPS delivery driver Maurice Lynch was finishing his route in Wildwood Point when he noticed a lawnmower with no driver on it rolling through a yard toward a house.

“Now the average man, perhaps in a hurry, would have gone about his business, but Maurice is not your average man,” said  Nancy Anderson.

Instead, Lynch backed up his truck and pulled into the yard, where he found the body of a large man lying face down in a three foot deep, muddy ditch. Lynch immediately called 911 and ran over to help the man, who showed no signs of life.

The man’s wife came running out of the house to join in what would become a life-saving rescue. After consulting with the 911 dispatcher, CPR was commenced with the wife giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and Lynch performing the chest compressions.

“At first it did not appear to be working,” said Anderson. “Then after a few more moments there was a slight movement.”

The duo continued CPR, and suddenly, the man caught his breath, his heart started beating and the color returned to his face.

A few moments later, the Warren County Rescue Squad arrived, with EMT Tommy Curl at the wheel along with paramedic Rick Brown. After spinal packing the man and placing him on a backboard, the three men struggled to lift the man out of the ditch.

Just then, Wildwood Point resident Bobby Talton happened to drive up on the scene. He immediately jumped into the ditch to help lift the man to safety.

“The man sustained grave injuries to his neck and spine and was transported to Halifax Regional Medical Center and subsequently airlifted to a trauma hospital,” said Anderson. “He faces a long, arduous recovery but continues to keep a positive attitude and is very grateful for life. He knows that if Maurice had not stopped that truck, his life would have ended that day.”

Anderson said her husband went to thank Talton for helping their friend and was told, “It was the right thing to do.” Anderson said she called Curl herself to thank him for his service. His response was, “It’s my honor to serve the people of Warren County.”

Finally, Anderson called Lynch to thank him for saving the life of a friend. His response was, “God put me in the right place at the right time to save a life. I was just his servant.”

“I personally think these men should be recognized and thanked for their heroism,” said Anderson. “We can all breathe a little easier knowing that heroes are in our midst everyday.”

Anderson has since recommended Lynch for the highest recognition UPS has for its employees.

Article from VANC News

Special thanks to Roxanne Sepulvado for providing article information.

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